Konkorde Model Flying Club

RC Model Flying at Chivenor since 1980


Bob Powers of Morthoe began the club as an informal flying group in about 1978, flying from an open field near Mullacott Roundabout, Ilfracombe, North Devon.  Because Concord flew overhead most days, they called themselves ' Concord Club '. 

Chris Golds joined the club in 1979.

In 1980 R.A.F. Chivenor re-opened to massive building work and as Chris had been based there since 1956 he offered to ask at the station whether the club could fly there, mainly because they would be able to use some tarmac.

It was laborious but eventually he got permission, provided they received a Lands Department licence. Chris had to go down to Plymouth to plead for a licence to operate from Chivenor. 

So we got started. 

But to register with SMAE we had to have a name and there were already two clubs CONCORD and CONCORDE.  So Chris said, "OK, we will call ourselves KONKORDE". "Yes" said SMAE and we were launched. 

Chris did Secretary then Chairman for about 20 years before handing the reins on.

Our current Chairman is Ian Shorland

The clubs home base and main flying site is at R.M.B. Chivenor, situated between Barnstaple and Braunton.

Club members enjoy the use of a designated flying area at the base, offering a tarmac runway to fly off.

Flying is restricted to the weekends and afternoons during the week.

Achievement Schemes

Konkorde MFC supports the BMFA achievement scheme and has Instructors and Examiners.


Solo flying at the Chivenor site is only permitted if you currently hold a BMFA 'A' certificate but there must be at least two members on site at any one time.

A BMFA 'B' certificate is required to fly gas turbine models and any model weighing over 7Kgs.


New learners can only fly if supervised by a club member holding a BMFA 'B' certificate or by a Club Instructor. 

Once past the initial stage and are capable of safe take offs, circuits and landings, novice pilots may fly if accompanied by one of the club's approved 'Buddy' pilots.

This facility is to be used as a means of practicing the BMFA certificate schedule and is NOT to be seen as a means of allowing a non certificated pilot to carry on flying without eventually taking an 'A' test.

Any member wishing to take either an 'A' or a 'B' test must contact the Club Chairman or Club Secretary, giving 2 weeks notice of when they wish to take the test.

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